Merger and Acquisition IT Consulting

Technology is crucial to successful  acquisition integration.  Technology teams often lead many important integration activities.  Poor IT process, platform and team integration is often a major contributing factor to failed M&A and divestiture efforts.  Well planned and executed integration of the target company’s people, processes and platforms can enable significant business synergies and can also be a source for substantial profit opportunities.

Faros Consulting’s IT merger and acquisitions consultants can help companies at all phases of their M&A activities – pre-merger assessments, Integration planning, Post-merger integration execution.  Our team will help ensure that key merger integrations areas such as infrastructure, contracts, applications, key people and critical data get accounted for and properly transitioned.

Our team partners with our clients to ensure technology related M&A success by:

  • Uncovering key pre-acquisition challenges – Knowing about critical, potentially costly issues during the due diligence phase can help ensure that the deal will be as valuable as expected.  We work with clients to assess existing technology environments and teams, then identifying challenges and opportunities.
  • Developing post-merger integration plan –  We will put together a tailored integration program to ensure that the post-close integration runs smoothly and effectively.
  • Execute post-merger integration plan – Once the deal is closed, our team will work with the client team to help them execute the integration plan effectively and be there to assist when unforeseen challenges arise.
  • Divestiture support –  smooth divestiture of core people and platforms require significant planning.  Our team works with clients to develop comprehensive divestiture plans, ensuring that the core business remains stable and secure after the divestiture.

Key services include:

  • Pre-bid due diligence
  • Pre-close transition planning
  • Post-close integration
  • Carve-outs
  • M&A lifecycle playbook creation and execution