Cyber Security / IT Governance

In the hyper-connected, cloud-based world, making sure that your company has its information security well thought out and under control is especially critical. Don’t leave your company’s security to chance.  We help you answer the key questions around your Information Security:

  • Is my data secure?
  • Is my data available and by whom?
  • Is my data accurate?

Whether you have already had a breach and need help recovering, are concerned about possible exposure and want to develop a security program, or need help preparing for a compliance audit, we can help.  With our fractional CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) services you will get seasoned information security professionals who will work with you to develop and deploy a solid cyber security defense program that will not only protect you from current threats but will give you the tools you need to stay protected for future threats to come.

Our Information Security Services include:

  • Cyber Security Awareness education – Cyber attacks are the fasted growing criminal activity today. You and your company need to understand the threat and how to protect yourselves.
  • Incident Response and Remediation – Let’s face it, even the best security has vulnerabilities. When a breach happens, we are ready to help you deal with it quickly and effectively.
  • Current State Assessment – How secure are you NOW? We can look at your vulnerabilities and your risks and develop a plan to help mitigate those risks. Services include vulnerability and risk assessments, compliance reviews and penetration testing.
  • Compliance Support – Your organization may need to comply with laws and regulations such as PCI, HIPAA, and SOX.  Our team can help identify potential compliance issues and develop a plan to mitigate those risks.  We can help you develop solid policies and procedures around your compliance.
  • Future State Planning and Ongoing Support – Cyber Criminals are working hard to access your data, do you have a plan to protect yourself? We can help you develop a comprehensive program and we can help you execute on that program – whether that means providing specialized support to your internal staff or becoming your outsourced security team, we can help.